Custom Development and Design

JSS provides a full array of web site services. Our hallmark is custom web site design and programming that makes your site unique, with a functionality that meets your needs as business dictates. All graphics and designs are custom to your specifications. As we design your site we keep in mind usability, navigation and the message you are trying to convey. We want your users to have a good experience on your site so they come back time and time again. On the programming side we make sure the features you want work in all web browsers, they help you do your job better and the site is cost effective. Cost effective doesn't mean cheap rather it means that by using our technology you can save money in other areas of your business by utilizing your web site effectively.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive web design is an approach to designing websites geared towards providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience for your users across a wide array of platforms including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Responsive sites are designed to respond and adapt to the viewing environment and adjust themselves according to the screen size of the user to provide an optimal layout without the need for excessive zooming or scrolling.

The use of responsive design eliminates the need for separate mobile websites and keeps your site up to date with the latest mobile web standards.

myJSS - Content Management System

For those who desire the capability to maintain their own site we offer myJSS, a comprehensive content management system. The concept of myJSS is very simple. Our artists design a professional looking website and integrate the content management within that framework. As the customer you can then add, modify or delete pages, content, documents and pictures as you see fit. This allows you to make changes to the site at your convenience. You can even schedule changes to the site to take place at a specified time in the future!

The beauty of myJSS is that it is simple to use. If you can use Microsoft Word you can edit your web site. There is no special software to buy, no special training needed and the possibilities of web site content distribution are almost limitless utilizing the system. If you are knowledgeable with HTML, then you can also create even more robust web pages. We even set your pages up for you the first time so you have a template to see and copy as you need to make new pages or changes. .....Learn More about the myJSS Content Management System.

Advertising Banner Rotator

Along that same line of thinking, another component of myJSS is a banner rotator that allows you to control what banners show on your site and on what pages they are displayed. This allows you to place the messages you want your customers or members to see in strategic locations in your site. You can keep an eye on your web statistics and as you see traffic patterns develop, you can tailor your banners according to those patterns.

Form Builder

If you want to have forms on your site for items such as contact us, registrations, etc, we can create them in our Form Builder tool. Creating the form allows you the have the ability to pick up the contents of forms in your administrative area or to be emailed to you. You can download the contents to an Excel document, store them online, or delete the submission once you have the information you need.

Association Member Directory

A great option for our membership based clients is our Member Directory tool. Simply speaking this allows you to have member only access to any items that you want to place on your site. You can assign usernames and password protected accounts as deemed necessary, or you can have members sign up on line to create their own accounts. Once created, information placed in the member directory will require a username and password to access.

As a custom internet and web site development firm, these are just the highlighted services that JSS can provide to your business. Contact us regarding your specific needs and we'll discuss what we can do for your business.