About Us

Who We Are

Since 1995 JSS Enterprises has been providing professional web site design and web development. We are a full service organization in that we provide web design, programming, hosting, Internet marketing and a variety of other Internet services. We have designed web sites for numerous clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations and from local governments to federal agencies.

The mission of JSS is to develop dynamic, effective, and profitable Internet solutions for business and government. We empower our clients to succeed by providing flexible technology structures that continuously evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving medium.  With products like our myJSS web site management suite clients are able to control their content and updates in real time or on a schedule with ease.

We understand that the Internet is a rapidly changing environment. That's why our top priority is ensuring that organizations receive the level of service and support necessary to make their Internet endeavors an ongoing success.

Even though we have developed numerous web sites, we know that no two web projects are the same. We work with you to understand your business and marketing objectives, assess available technology, and deliver your web site in the most effective way possible. We believe that your site should be an extension of your business, designed to support your entire sales, marketing and communication plan. JSS delivers web sites people notice and remember.

What We Do

JSS provides a full array of web site services. Our hallmark is custom web site design and programming that makes your site unique, with a functionality that meets your needs as business dictates. All graphics and designs are custom to your specifications. As we design your site we keep in mind usability, navigation and the message you are trying to convey. We want your users to have a good experience on your site so they come back time and time again. On the programming side we make sure the features you want work in all web browsers, they help you do your job better and the site is cost effective. Cost effective doesn't mean cheap rather it means that by using our technology you can save money in other areas of your business by utilizing your web site effectively.

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